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About DermaGym

With the introduction of a wide range of brand new non-surgical aesthetic options, demand for these types of procedures has grown leaps and bounds in recent years. Today’s educated consumer, when comparing traditional surgery to the non-invasive alternative, is opting for the safer, minimally invasive choice. At a fraction of the cost of invasive surgery, offering significantly less downtime, and minimizing the health risks and complications associated with going under the knife, it is no wonder why non-invasive treatments are now the method of choice for savvy consumers.

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"Health is Wealth. Invest  in Yourself. "

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Our Vision

Whether you are a millennial looking to finally reduce the appearance of old acne scars, or a baby boomer seeking to reverse the signs of aging, we all can benefit from non-surgical treatments at any age. Of course, diet and exercise will always be critical for optimal health and wellness. However, for many, these two initiatives are simply not enough to produce desired outcomes. DermaGym believes we can all look and feel sexy at any age and that there is no excuse to not look your very best!


Our principal founder has been an executive in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry for over 15 years, and brings to DermaGym a wealth of insight from both professional and personal experience as to what treatments work and what is simply ‘marketing hype’. As a result, we have very carefully selected our device partners and product lines based on proven results and not just budget restrictions. We are firm believers in the philosophy of ‘you get what you pay for’ and our goal is to prove that to our customers by providing amazing results and top-notch customer service.


DermaGym spares no expense in offering the very best state-of-the-art devices, injectables, and retail products sourced directly from the manufacturer. By doing so, we can ensure that our clinical staff has been properly trained by corporate training professionals and will abide by strict protocols outlined by the manufacturers, thereby optimizing results. Expert training allows our team to offer clients a comprehensive consultation which is key to optimizing expectations.


The truth is that not all devices, treatments, and products work the same on every patient, and there is no magical device that works for everyone. There are just too many variables, including genetics, consumption habits, and diet, that can change one’s predicted outcome. This is why it is key to offer a wide selection of technologies so that clients can try different options and find the absolute best suited for their needs. To strengthen our efforts in obtaining the maximum results for the value, we offer stacking technology - combining treatments from different devices - so that the best results can be achieved. Together with industry guidance, DermaGym will offer signature treatment plans and specialized stacked formulas that rival some of the best practices available.


We at DermaGym are confident that you will be so pleased with our value and services that you will continue to come back to discover more. Our goal is to help society look and feel beautiful, inside and out. If we can help you feel more beautiful and confident, your outlook on life will improve and it will benefit those around you too. Let’s all be confident, successful, and fulfilled in life!

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561 79th St Miami FL 33138
Suite 350 (2nd Floor)


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